Friday, June 6, 2014

So about that marathon....

Sunday, June 1st. I got up at 4 am. I had my race attire ready to go. I had my pre race breakfast and left for the Minneapolis Marathon.

 It was raining in the morning with some thunder. We got word that the race was going to be delayed an hour. At 7:45 AM the race officials canceled the Marathon because of the weather. I have not idea what it takes to plan an event like this and all the safety measures that must take place to make sure every runner is safe. I am sure that they would rather err on the side of safety versus taking the risk that a runner would be injured due to weather. But, it is a real bummer.

I wish that this post was a post telling you how I rocked the marathon and how I nailed my goals. It's not that kind of post. It is not going to be a post where I complain about how I got up at 4AM many mornings to get my workout in or how I did 16 miles on a treadmill to get my miles in, or how I ran in a blizzard, etc. I could sit here and complain, but I will not let something that was out of my control get me down! Like I said in my first post," it just make you stronger."

instead of wondering what could have been, I am going to focus on what will be. I am going to find some new races to do this summer. I am going to do some 10ks, 5ks, and half marathons. I am going to do the Whistle Stop Marathon and the No Frills Marathon. I am going to focus on getting stronger by doing strength workouts, core work, and cross training. Plus, I am going to fall in love with running again and have fun with it. I am excited about training this summer and enjoying time with my family. I hope you continue to follow along.