Friday, May 23, 2014

Uff Da Half Marathon Recap

Greetings friends! Just thought I would pop in to give you a recap of the Uff Da Half Marathon. The Uff Da Half Marathon happens yearly around this time. It is part of Syttende Mai Days in Woodville, WI. It is a small race that has both a 5K and Half Marathon. Around 80-90  people in the half marathon It is an out and back course on scenic abandoned railroad bed. Flat and Fast! (If you remember from my first post, where I talked about my 10 mile run turning into a 15 mile run, this is that same trail.)

I chose to do this race as part of my long run for the week. My training plan had 16 miles on it, so I figure add a 1 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down, BOOM- 16 miles. I was nervous going into this race because I hadn't raced a half marathon in a while, plus it was the first race of the season for me. I also wanted to see if I could get a PR for my half marathon.

My friend Jess and her co-worker picked me up around 6:30AM and we were on our way. We got there with plenty of time to spare before the race. SO we got in a mile warm up, made a port-a-potty stop, and got close parking. The weather was great! Sunny and 45 degrees at the start= perfect! I kept going back and forth over whether or not to wear a long sleeve shirt or not, but opted for short sleeves. Glad I went for the t-shirt because I got warm quickly.

The gun went of at 8 AM and we were off. I made my self go slow the first few miles until I could get in a good rhythm. It usually takes me the first few miles before I start to feel strong in my races. Even with my slower start I was still in the lead packs of runners. I worked my way into a 7:20ish pace. I started to catch runners in front of me and would pace myself with people running a similar pace. I find this helps keep me on target pace. At the turn around spot  I could see hoe far the lead female runner was ahead of me. She became my focus! I chose to focus on trying to catch her for the rest of the race. I will tell you I was close to catching her. If I had about 200 more yards I would have caught her at the finish.

My time was 1:36:36, which is a PR by 12 seconds. I was 2nd female, 1st in my age group, and 7th overall. I was happy with this race. It was definitely a confidence booster. What made the race even better  was Dan and the kids cheering at multiple spots along the trail. It was so great to see their smiling faces and hear them ringing the cowbells.
Next up: tapering for the Minneapolis Marathon!
Just wanted to leave you with something that made me giggle. I think mostly runners or anyone who has run a race will get this joke.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Time flys when your in marathon training

Wow! Where does the time go? Time sure does fly when you are in marathon training. I feel like the last update there was snow on the ground. The snow is gone and I have been enjoying many long runs outside. I had a few 70 degree 20+ milers and some 50 degree 20+ mile runs. I think I like the 50 degree weather best for those. Also, I had forgotten about the whole waring sunscreen thing on my first sunny 22 miler. Let's just say I won't be forgetting that again. Ouch!

Even though it will be June 1st at the time of my marathon, I would be 100% okay with a 50-60 degree day. Also, if it happens to be cloudy as well, even better.

This training plan I have been following has definitely had higher mileage than I did the previous marathon. I do enjoy doing the higher mileage. I have been averaging about 45-60 miles per week. I am excited to see how I preform on race day after doing a full 16 week training cycle. I know it has been interesting juggling training, family and work, but I feel for the most part I was able to get my training in. I am proud of the fact that when we took a vacation to Disney last week, I got the majority of my runs in.
One of my early morning runs

Clear Water Beach, FL sunset

I am very thankful to my family for their support and patience during this training cycle. I definitely couldn't have done it without them.
Next up: Uff Da Half Marathon this weekend and tapering for the Minneapolis Marathon!