Tuesday, December 3, 2013

When it get's mentally tough

We have had a bit of a heat wave this week, the highs in the 30s! I wanted to take advantage of this heat wave and get a long run in outside.
Monday: 11.31 (hilly) miles at a 7:50 min/mile pace

First run in the snow!

Bet you don't have these spectators on you run:)

I have to say I started the run excited to get some miles in, but I will admit that about a mile into the run I was ready to call it a day. I am not sure what my deal was. I think maybe I started focusing on the negative stuff. Focusing on my knee that felt sore, and my hamstring that felt sore, and I think i dressed to warm. Then came the self doubt I thought, "Hilary, you should have brought some endurance chews to help you through this run and some water. "Hilary, you should have drank more before the run." Negative, negative, negative...
Well, obviously I did make myself get going. I started to tell myself to stop focusing on this negative stuff and start thinking about the fact that you are out there running. Remember that even though this feels tough it will help strengthen my running. Look at the big picture. Not every run is going to feel great, some may feel darn right tough. Get over is and learn from it.

So what did I learn? I learned that I should have taken in more fluids before my run. I probably could have brought some fuel (food) for during my run, but I also want to go without taking in food during some of my runs so that my body learns to run without it. I also could have gone at a slower pace and truly made is a long, easy run instead of pushing the pace the whole time. I also gave me an appreciation of the runs when I feel awesome. I also learned I need to focus more on the positives.

The Positives:
  1.  I got to do 11 miles. I truly feel strong when I run 10miles or more
  2.  The temperature was great
  3. The route was a new route and was surprisingly hilly. Hills build strength
  4.  The fresh snow, made for a gorgeous run!
  5.  I managed to keep a 7:50 pace
  6.  When I got home and opened the garage door the first thing I hear is my 3 year old daughter saying "Momma, I missed you so much!" This put a smile on my face immediately.
 I had to fight for this run to keep going. I felt I had to fight physically and mentally. The marathon itself is a mental and physical battle. You have to run it smart and push yourself when you don't want to run. It takes heart, strength, and guts to push your way through it.
Running in the snow, love it or hate it?

Tell me one positive thing about your Monday.

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