Friday, January 17, 2014

Five things Friday #2

Happy Friday friends! I thought I would do a another 5 things post. This week I have been getting over a cold so I couldn't do the mileage I had wanted to do. However, I feel that I did do 5 things this week that helped to improve my health and running. I hope you are ready!

1. Knowing when to take it easy. I had wanted to run a lot of miles last weekend, but I started having symptoms on Saturday. I knew I couldn't do the ten miles I wanted to, so I did one mile. I actually feel like that endorphins from that mile helped to give my immune system a boost without over doing it.

2. Sleep. I feel that rest really helps my body get over things faster. There was one night this week I went to bed at 8:30pm and I was absolutely happy about it.

3. Water. I drank water, water, and more water. I feel that drinking more water and fluids helps allow your body to flush your system out.

4. Taking my vitamins and especially Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for your immune system as well as muscle recovery. I ate a lot of mandarin oranges! I also made sure to take my vitamins this week. I feel the more nutrients my body has the better it can fight off viruses.

5. Not speaking that I was sick. I never during this past week sad "I am so sick" or "I don't feel good." I either said "I am overcoming" or "I am catching a healing." Words are powerful. If I were to say I feel terrible then I would feel terrible and it would probably take longer to feel better. So, I say I am getting better and I focus on the things that will help my body fight the illness rather than how my body feels.

I am definitely glad I did these things to help get over this cold. I had a great 7+ mile run on the treadmill today followed by some strength training. I am excited to start to slowly put the miles back on, my body definitely feels stronger during longer workouts.

What do you do to help get over illness?

What's your favorite vitamin C food source?

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  1. When I am under the weather, I sleep and rest in bed. That my best cure.