Friday, January 24, 2014

Five things Friday

Here it is, it is Friday again. It has been super cold here this week. The kids school was cancelled a day because of the cold this week. I would really love a week of warmer days to get outside and run. I am truly thankful I have the opportunity to run on a treadmill during the winter, but I am missing the outside and fresh air. So I am going to be positive about this cold weather and tell you about the 5 good things about the cold weather.
1. Cross Country Skiing. Not only is this great cross training, it is also something that we are able to do as a family. My super crafty hubby created a sled so that we could pull the younger two kiddos behind us while we ski. Our oldest is able to ski really well on his own and our 6 year old is learning.

2. Running in the snow builds strength. It is a much harder run when you have snow to deal with. It is similar to running in sand, in which you have to adjust your footing and balance while running. Thus, running in the snow = improved strength. Improved strength = faster running.

3. Snow really is beautiful in the morning, especially when the trees are covered.

4. Sledding. It really is fun to get out with the kids sled. Running up the hill and going fast down them is exhilarating. Plus, pulling a 3 year old up the hill in a sled is a super great strength workout for your quads

5. Working out inside does have some benefits. I am taking advantage of being inside to focus on building my strength. Plus, I feel that running on the treadmill does build some mental toughness with learning to stick to finishing a workout even when it get mentally tough (due to boredom).

There is my five things, i feel they may be a stretch but I am choosing to be positive about the weather, It just makes me appreciate the warm weather when it comes.

What do you love about winter?

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