Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Training update

Hi everyone! I am sitting here on another frigid day thinking about how I am super excited that there will be some warmer days this week. This means I will do my best to get some miles outside. I am so thankful to have a treadmill to use, but I do definitely need to get some fresh air.

My running is going well and I am excited. I have felt like I have been in a rut for a bit. I think the reason for the rut was that I was struggling in my workouts. Paces that should have felt easy were feeling hard. I think part of it was just getting my health back. Part of it could be boredom on the treadmill. Part of if could be just not having a running plan to follow. Which ever it was, I am going to focus on the fact that this week I feel great. I realize I am going to have ups and downs along the way. The downs will make me stronger and will make me appreciate the ups that much more.

Wow, that was deep.

Since it has been frigid here, I have chosen to make the most of the treadmill. I tried a half marathon pace workout that I got from Runner's World that was awesome. I am going to start incorporating it into my routine. I have also been focusing more on how much time I am running on the treadmill, rather than miles on the treadmill. I am getting my body used to running for longer periods of time. My plan is to do speed work twice a week, a long run or two, and easy running in between. I am going to do this until my marathon training starts which will be early to mid February.

Here is what one of my runs looked like this week.
My half marathon pace workout

Visitors to keep my company for a while during my run.
 Have a great week!

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