Saturday, January 25, 2014

My first race recap!

So last Saturday I ran a 5k. It is part of a 5k series at one of the health clubs near us. You paid one entry fee and it allows you to run about all the series they have through the year. My oldest Jakob and I were both going to be running. Here's how it went down.....

We got to the gym and got our race bibs. Took a brief look at the map of the course and got my Yak Traks on and we were ready to go. There were between 40-50 people in the race (small race), but pretty good turnout considering the weather. It was in the lower teens for a temp, with some wind.

The race started and I held back a bit for the first part and then worked my way into the first place spot. It was here that I had wished I had looked a little closer at the map. It would have been a better way to gage how much distance was left. The course was a loop course on the streets, some areas were plowed and others there was some deeper snow and icy spots. Footing was definitely something to be careful with, was definitely happy to have my Yak Traks. Was cruising along and a guy ended up out kicking me in the end. I finished 2nd overall. My time was 24:17, not my fastest but considering the conditions it was pretty good.

Overall this race was very nicely organize and very low key. I felt it was a great way to get some more 5k races under my belt. Hopefully, the next one will have some better conditions. 

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