Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolutions so far

Hello my friends! So it is about a week or so into our new year. I love the start of the year because I feel like so many of us are embracing change and taking new steps towards goals. So, since it is a week into  the new year, I thought I'd share how my goals and resolutions are going....

It has been freezing, literally like below zero temps for over a week which has made for A LOT of treadmill running. Some people will call it the DREADMILL, but I choose to focus on the good running it has been allowing me to have even on the coldest of days. We did have a little warm up one day so, I took full advantage and got some miles outside. Even though the winds were 20mph and it was single digits for temps, it was GLORIOUS!

Loving that I got these Yak traks for Christmas and loving the new running tights, super warm

I am also proud to say that I have gotten two strength workouts in this past week. It is really showing me how week my core is right now. I am excited to get super strong this winter. Woot, woot!

On the whole eating clean thing.....well this is where I am not doing so hot. I think that I had tried really hard to not over indulge during the holidays that I am now over indulging on sweets. However, this is something that I will be working on this whole year so I am going to focus more on this. That's the thing about resolutions you may not be prefect at them right away, but as long as you (I) don't give up on them I will hit those goals. 

How are your resolutions going?

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