Thursday, November 21, 2013

It starts with a dream...

I realize I have been neglectful of writing any posts. My goal from here on out is to post my daily workouts on my journey to the BOSTON MARATHON! I am still so excited that I qualified for this race. It has always been a dream of mine to run this race. I really want to go any run an amazingly fast race when I run Boston. I would love to run a 3:10 marathon at Boston. My PR is 3:29, which was my second marathon. My first marathon was a 4:04 back in 2008. Looking back at the race I was poorly trained, had no real training plan and my goal was to just finish it. I didn't do any speed work, just long runs. Also, t it was pouring rain, and I mean POURING rain during the majority of the marathon.This last marathon I had a plan of sorts (jumped into a 16 week plan at week 10), and it really showed my how important it is to have a training plan in order to hit your goals. Without a plan I find I kind of feel lost and without direction on what I should be doing for running. I am debating getting a running coach at some point.  So I am excited to get a few more marathons and half marathons under my belt before Boston. I feel the more experience I get in the actual marathon race the better I will come to learn my strengths as a runner. I am super excited to begin this journey and I hope all you reading this enjoy the journey with me.
Boston Marathon finish line

What training plans have you followed?

Anyone use a running coach?

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